Meet your campus staff

Restore Church Lead Pastors

Jess & Elizabeth Bousa

Campus Pastor

Larry Long

Campus Host

Nicholas Patrick

Campus Director

Melissa Campbell

Campus Coordinators

Stella Rineer

Dinah Torres

Lisa Moll

Worship Leader

Lauren Vernes

rKids Director

Amy Blizzard

rKids Coordinator

Nadine Barr

rkids at fallston


Follow the rKids signs back to the check in table outside of the Explore & Discover hallway. There a volunteer will help you to sign in your child. They will receive a first time visitor gift, a nametag will be printed for your child, and if they are in Explore or Discover, a lanyard with a number will be assigned. During service if your child has any issues, which need your attention that number will appear on the screen to alert you. After checking in, a volunteer will walk you back to the group and introduce you to the teachers. From there you can go enjoy the service while your little one will enjoys the lesson and craft and craft of the day!

Explore (ages 6 weeks – 2 years):

In Explore, children will EXPLORE who God is. In our baby room, volunteers pray weekly scripture over the babies and families. In our toddler rooms, children learn about God through interactive stories, fun songs, and crafts and activities.

Discover (3 years – Kindergarten):

In Discover, children will DISCOVER who God is. They will learn more about God from live storytellers, engaging stories on video, worship songs, and intentional small group activities.

Adventure (1st – 5th grade):

In Adventure, children will learn to ADVENTURE in God and what it means to be a Christian. These important lessons are taught through a combination of video curriculum and live presentation, high-energy worship songs, and meaningful small group discussion.