The Belt of Truth – By Crystal Pannell

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What’s got you covered?
What’s that on your mind?
What’s that on your heart?
What are you filtering your thoughts and emotions and decisions through?
The enemy is scheming against you and your family. He is scheming against your future and your anointing. What has you covered when the enemy comes to your mind looking to fill it with lies? What has you covered when the enemy comes to divide your heart and your relationships?
Every piece of the full armor of God is important but it is attached to the belt of truth. If you don’t begin with the truth, you will never defeat the enemy. The word tells us to “Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist,” (Ephesians 6:14). We need truth, God’s truth, so we can stand firm when life comes at us and it will bring with it pain and sickness, fear, and trials. It will bring lies to discern and strong emotions that will want to be in charge.
Truth needs to be the standard that we are guided by, we have to decide that God’s truth is the standard we filter our entire life by.
The enemy will come to deceive you and you will not even recognize it is happening if you are not being led by the truth. Your feelings and flesh will convince you that you are walking in the truth and before you even become aware you’ve been led in the wrong direction, suddenly you’ve found yourself completely disoriented, beaten down wondering how this could have possibly happened.
Sometimes it looks like the way to go, it feels like the way to go, but before you go if you decide to be guarded by truth, turn to God and his word and allow a spirit check. You may be surprised
at the times you get the red light instead of the green light because you were so sure you were right.
Let the truth be your filter, let God’s word become your only standard, and listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit over your emotions and feelings.
Pray about everything.
Submitted by:
Crystal Pannell