God’s Timing – Spoiler alert: it’s HIS Timing

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God’s Timing – Spoiler alert: it’s HIS Timing

Have you ever had something bad happen to you (or maybe it’s happening now), and

you wonder where God is in all of it? The Bible says everything happens for a reason, but you

can’t see the purpose for your pain. So what’s the point?

When I was about 11 (almost 12), our house flooded and it was really bad. I remember

being shaken awake by my dad and my sister,and wading through the playroom that had

become a lake. I remember freaking out about the water coming through the wall into our (me

and my older sister’s) room,and watching the water bubble up through the crack in our

foundation. I remember setting up all my (surviving) stuff just so, in my brother’s room, and a

couple of hours later, packing it all up to leave because it had gotten too hard to breathe. My

grandparents came to get me and my younger siblings that day, I didn’t know for how long, I just

thought we’d just be going for a little while, but boy was I wrong. A few days later, we all moved

into my grandparents finished basement, and a couple of Sundays after that, we said our final


Since the flood happened during the summer, that year we started school at a place

near my grandparents house. It was a school we had been to many times before, but despite

that, it was very hard to pick up where we had left off. I knew all the kids besides two, and even

though we had been friends I was the odd kid out in a class of 13. During lunch times I

remember reading a book to avoid conversations, watching people play four square during

recess, and opting for a lot of solo projects. It’s not that they weren’t nice, cause they were, I just

felt like I didn’t belong. I was the “extra kid” and didn’t fit in any of their “clicks”. Mostly though, I

felt like it wasn’t worth trying to make any new (or rekindle) friendships, seeing as we could

move at any time. I think that was definitely the worst part, all the uncertainty in all of it…

We stayed there for six months before moving here, which was a very good thing. But

during those six months, I remember being so angry with God for letting that happen to us. I

didn’t understand. And not understanding, just served to frustrate me more. The moment I

wanted God to show up, and he didn’t. Someone once told me that they find God’s timing

annoying and honestly I kinda agree, to me, it’s annoying that he didn’t show up when I thought I

needed him; but the key word here is: when “I thought”. You see, God works outside of space, gravity,

and time, he can see things further down the road that I (we) can’t. It’s HIS Timing, meaning it’s

up to him on how everything plays out, and It’s up to us to have the faith to believe that he has

the best in mind for us.

The flood – while that was a very hard season – was a tool to create transition.

Sometimes God has to close doors to open new ones. Now my family and I are in a different

season. In a different place, a better place. I’m so glad that we are here now, and that I have the

people I have right now, in my life…

Thanks for being a part of my journey.

Love you guys!! ❤


About the author

I was asked to write an introduction for myself, and the only thing I could think of to

describe me as, is a swan. It seems like I’m not doing anything but there is a lot going on

underneath (meaning, when a swan is swimming)… I’m 16, I love reading a good book and

playing one of my many instruments. I like singing, but not in front of people (yet). I enjoy the

woods and just nature in general, (Unless we are talking about snakes, spiders, or bugs that

bite). I like to swim, but not in the water I can not see through, too many shark movies. And my

favortist (we make up words in our house) thing of all times is when I get the whole house to

myself and I get to blast my favorite songs.

Ps. Apparently I like spending time with my family too.