My Timing , His Timing

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At the beginning of the summer I started out working two jobs. For about three months I

worked both jobs but that quickly wore me down so with a lot of prayer I decided to switch

over to just the one. It was going to work out perfectly. I was going to work at the job I

loved . I had it all planned out but not for long. The job I thought I loved was not so great

because I was not getting paid. I worked really hard and got nothing in return. So the

same day I switched over I quit. So that left me with no job. I never thought I would end

up jobless, It was stretching me in every way.

Three long months go by and still no job, everywhere I looked there were no answers. I

was getting discouraged but I kept looking. I kept on praying and searching even though

I felt as if God hadn’t heard me.  There was this one day in June I decided to make a list

of every place I was interested in within a half hour of my home. I prayed and asked God

for an open door today .I called over twenty places but no answers except one, one

open door. Within that week I got in for an interview. The interview lasted about a half

hour ,I got home and not even an hour later I received a message saying the position

was mine. It made me feel so good to finally have a job. Now I have a great job and I get


All this to say God’s perfect timing is better than you could expect.I took those months to

reset and trust God, it is hard to trust God when you can’t see what is next. So whatever

season you are in, take the time to reset and trust God. His plans turn out better than we

expect. GOD has you and he knows you:)

About the Author:

I am 17 years old. I like to read and collect old books., I love the outdoors and animals especially my chickens. I enjoy keeping busy but enjoy my solitude as well. I love to shop at goodwill, maybe a little too much.I might have enough clothes for years to come.

I have two amazing parents who lead and show God so well. Two siblings who I love and who may challenge my patience capacity several times a day.

I am planted into an amazing church that I could not do life without

@freedom life

( Picture includes an incredible influence in my life I refuse to do life without my nonnie)