He inserted himself into my story

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Author:. Crystal Pannell
Topic: Salvation testimony
There were seeds in me that were planted through my family but I had no desire to do church. I did not fully grasp the truth it had not been real to me personally yet. I was trying to survive my childhood and teenage years, my thoughts were not fixed on God. I am not sure I believed in anything at all. I became hard-wired to trust only myself and did not make room for many other relationships. I have always had a heart that loved others, but I never fully believed anyone loved me so I could not even grasp the concept that there was a God who created me with any type of thought or purpose. The thought that he loved me carried no emotional attachments or held any ground in my life, Until..
I was in my first year of marriage and it was a wreck. We had been together since I was 15 and married when I turned 19. Things were great up to that point. We were best friends, always together.
The enemy didn’t bother us much, but why would he have? We lived in the outer courts of marriage and relationship with God. The truth we had begun to build our foundation on was that we would fix each other’s pain and all we needed was each other. That foundation was sinking sand. One morning I sat crying on my couch we had just had a rough few weeks that just wouldn’t let up. I was not praying but god heard my heart and my tears, his mercy reached straight into my living room and I heard a voice tell me to go to church. My heart was leaping out of my chest, I knew who it was, I did think what was church gonna do?
I did not know what church could do but I knew I had to go, that very next Sunday by myself I went to a local church in my area. The truth of the gospel was so clear, I was so desperate for him. I reached back to the God who reached to me and that morning salvation became my testimony. I never looked back, I pursued the truth I still didn’t fully understand he loved me but I knew I had just fallen in love with the king of the world.
In years to come he began to shift our truth and lay a new foundation in our marriage. Our truth changed from we only need each other to we only need him. He can have it all, it all belongs to him. We found a church we both loved and have been planted ever since. The enemy never wanted us to know the truth, to know we had purpose because as Christ became our all healing from trauma began, healing from depression, pain, and anger. God would use us to shift the ground for our future children.
 The truth is now planted in our children. We tell them all the time we’re not giving them a religious experience, we’re sharing the truth of a God who came and touched our lives in such a way that it’s evidence of this truth.
Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.
John 8:34‭-‬36