Barren Ground

Restorechurch   -  
Author Crystal Pannell
Prayer sows into the barren ground in our life, it causes suddenlys, if we sow nothing we will continue to walk on barren ground. He is to good and has to much to pour out for us to be walking around on bare ground. God has given us each the responsibility to cultivate our own hearts ,it is our job to prepare and use the (land) he has given us.
If you are walking on your ground with a depressive, oppressive barren mindset, it is time to evaluate your prayer life. It is time to wake up and stir up a grateful heart putting on a garment of praise. Take his word and begin to sow it ,speak it out of your mouth .Romans 10:17 says “ So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Faith stirs up when we begin to pray and proclaim the word of God .When the word goes out of our mouths and it begins to engage in spiritual warfare . The truth of God begin to command the atmosphere.
Prayer is a lifestyle, he is our portion if we are not going to him regularly we will thirst so intensely that it cannot be satisfied. We will stay in a dehydrated state of mind without even being aware of it. Our thoughts will be jaded and confused the truth will feel hidden from us. Our hearts will become lethargic and what will pour out from it? The word of God says that everything we do flows from the heart (Proverbs 4:23). Prayer deals with our hearts when they are out of line with the will and truth of God.
When we invite him into the chambers of our hearts the atmosphere shifts. if we do not open our mouths in prayer and praise we will become mute. The things of God will not flow from our mouths.
Prayer sharpens your hearing, you begin to hear truth and know the heart of Jesus. Prayer sharpens your vision and allows you to begin to visualize a move of God in your barren areas before they even happen. Songs of Joy and hope begin to rise up , Darkness begins to flee as a result of being connected to your savior, it can not stay.
When we have healthy prayer life we can then take others boldly before the throne room and when we petition on behalf of others we are already confident. We do not need to quickly stir up faith we are already full of it. We have already prepared our hearts ahead to carry others needs before the lord with great expectation. Think about being in a race being so physically out of shape because we have not taken care of our body and someone is unable to go any further and needs us carry them across the finish line, but we are unable. It is the same with our prayer life we cannot carry someone to the finish line if our own prayer life has not been strong and healthy. We will shrink back in fear that what we are asking cannot be done.
Having a strong prayer life not only sows seed into our life it sows into those around us. It lifts those who are weak in faith. It causes faith filled, bold, wall breaking prayers to pour out of our mouth. It is time to refuse to stand on barren ground any longer. Let rivers be made in the dessert, let living water begin to spring up. It is what he does .