rKids MegaCamp

June 27

As the school year ends, summer approaches and we find ourselves still reeling from one of the most exhausting time periods in history for families; many of us find ourselves rundown and in need of a recharge.
This year Restore Church is putting together a “rKids Mega Camp” which will give them a chance to learn from the life of Peter and take part in one of a variety of ongoing skill sessions.  This year we’ll be offering softball, baseball, soccer, dance, bucket drumming and art.
This camp was formerly known as Mega Sports Camp, but let’s be honest – God has given us other giftings and interests so as a church we want to lean into all of those.
We’ve also planned RKC with families in mind.  Before summer fully ramps up you can use this time to get laundry done, nap on the couch or even go on a date.  We’ve got your kids from 6-8pm, June 27-30 – that’s four straight days!
If you don’t want to try and get them fed before dropping them off, this year we’re offering a paid meal option.  For $10 per child you can drop them off at 5:30 in the Octagon and we’ll get them fed and then get them to the start of camp at 6:00.  That $10 charge will cover all four days.
This camp is for elementary age students and is not limited to Restore Church, so please invite your friends and use this as a time to recharge and get restored.