Grace Academy is a Homeschool Umbrella and is the Education Ministry of Restore Church. We are listed on the

 Maryland State Department of Education Umbrella Schools website.


Grace Academy was created to fill a need for our Restore Church families and our local community. We wanted something that provided the necessary evaluations, but also went deeper to form connections with kids and families. Grace Academy is a cross between a traditional umbrella and a co-op. Our monthly meet ups include parties, and various field trips. We have had parents teach in various areas of interest, such as Resin Art, Flight Simulator, and more! We’ve also had parents do various holiday related readings and crafts. Our field trip lists are created out of parents and kids interests, and they’ve been a huge success. Our Monthly Meetups and Field trips are all voluntary, and we usually have an RSVP for a number count on our facebook page.


Additionally, we offer 1-2 Peer Evaluations yearly. We have professional Teacher and Student ID’s.


If you’d like more information, please click the link and fill out the form and we’ll get back to you soon!




11th - Back to School Bash! monthly meetup

18th - Herr's Factory


9th - monthly meetup

19th - Ft. McHenry & Washington Monument Baltimore


12-13th - Great Wolf Lodge

20th - Thanksgiving Party


1st - Gettysberg Christmas Festival, Outlets & Christmas Lights

11th - Christmas Party - Craft for Parents Gift


Mid-Year Check In's

8th - Ham Radio - "Communications" Theme

18th - Duck Decoy & Maritime Museum


12th - Valentine's Party - Craft - Make Cards for Nursing Home

? - Port Discovery


11th - Rocketry

14th - Air Mobility - Delaware


8th - Lawn Mower Repair/Tire Changing ? Highscholers, Twinkie Cars for Elementary

18th - Sight and Sound & Kitchen Kettle ?


13th - Monthly Meetup

23rd - Graduation

30th - DC Zoo


17th - End of Year Celebration: Theme WATER!! Slip & Slide, water balloons, field day



September 12th – Welcome get together

September 19th – Plumpton Park Zoo $18.95 adults/ $12.95/ children under 2 Free

October 17th – Weber’s Cider Mill Farm $11/kids over 2 years/adults- purchase tickets online

November 14th – Thanksgiving Party

December 12th- Christmas Party

January 16th- canceled due to flood

February 13th- Valentine’s Day Party & Flight simulator

March 13th- Art Meetup- Resin & 3D Paint

April 10th- Valley Forge-Pack a lunch/snacks and money for gift shop

May 22nd- Rescheduled

June 12th- Pool Party at Aberdeen Family Swim Center pack a lunch/snacks $

*Unless otherwise stated, we will be meeting up at Restore Church starting at 1 and finishing at 4.


New Families One time enrollment Fee: $50


Student Fee: $60


Each Additional Student: $25


Activities Fee: $25/student

9 meeting a year

2-3 crafts

snacks and drinks


Graduation Fee (12 Grade): $100


Cap & gown, Official Transcripts, Diploma

Church Partners building usage $ 0

Non-Partners $250


Umbrella Includes:


1-2 Evaluations/ Reviews

Teacher & Student IDs

Facebook Group Access

Yearly calendar of group activities and field trips

Monthly Meetups

Help with Curriculum Selection

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